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ACLS Renew Class, Nashville

 Advanced Cardiac Life Support, Nashville

The Advanced Cardiac Life Support (ACLS) recertification class can be taken by any provider who has already successfully completed the initial ACLS course. During the renewal class, students will review key changes made by American Heart Association to their guidelines for treating cardiovascular and respiratory emergencies. Students will also receive a guided review of the algorithms, electrical therapies, pharmacology, and team dynamics.

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ACLS Class Includes:

  • -2 year American Heart Association ACLS Provider Card
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  • -Hands-On ACLS Class
  • -Megacode and Skills Check
  • -Registration Fee
  • -ACLS Training Site Fee
  • -Certified AHA ACLS Instructor Fee 
  • -All students are required to have AHA Manual at time of class. (not included)


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You can renew your Basic Life Support (BLS) card at the same time as your ACLS Renew by selecting the ACLS-BLS Renew Class.


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Who should take an ACLS class?

The ACLS renew class in Nashville should be taken by any previously certified ACLS provider. If the provider has let their certification lapse, the provider does have the option to take the recertification class. But, certain rules apply. The provider cannot be more than 30 days expired. The expired provider must have also received the most recent guidelines at their previous class. Also, if the expired ACLS provider attends the recertification class and does not pass any portion of the course, there will not be an opportunity for remediation. The expired provider would then be required to take the initial full day ACLS class. If you have questions about whether to take the initial class or the recertification class, please call us at 615-397-9316.



Although not required, CPR Nashville TN highly recommends that students have their BLS for healthcare provider certification prior to attending the ACLS class. It offers a nice introduction to basic fundamentals of treating cardiac arrest. It also serves as a foundation to build your ACLS skills from. Students must be able to understand basic life support before mastering advanced cardiac life support.

Each student is required to have a current edition of the American Heart Association ACLS manual. If you do not already have the required manual, you can purchase it when you register. You are not required to purchase the manual from us, however the American Heart Association requires that each student have a manual. We also have the ECG/Pharmacology manual available for purchase if you need to refresh these skills. Students are also expected to have a solid understanding of ECG rhythm interpretation upon entering class. This is a fundamental skill required to be successful in an ACLS course Nashville.

ACLS Class


Course content and length:

The renewal class length can range from 6-8 hours depending on student enrollment. All students will be led through the recertification process by an experienced and cheerful American Heart Association instructor. Because CPR Nashville is a stress free training site, students will be allowed ample amount of time for hands on practice and questions. After the updates and review portions of the class have been completed, students will work in teams to practice CPR, airway management, and treating cardiovascular emergencies. Finally, students will have the opportunity to demonstrate their skills and take the ACLS exam.

Our instructors want each student to be successful. During the renewal class students will review the following material:

  • Science Overview
  • BLS and ACLS Surveys
  • 1 Rescuer CPR with an AED
  • Management of Respiratory Arrest
  • Review of airway adjuncts
  • Megacode and Resuscitation Team Concept
  • Stoke- Early recognition and treatment
  • Acute Coronary Syndromes- Early recognition and treatment
  • ACLS Algorithms
  • Pharmacology Review 


Enrollment and Pre-Course Preparation:

It is simple to enroll in your class with CPR Nashville. Below you will see our calendar with the complete training site class schedule posted. Select the “ACLS Renew” class that works best with your schedule. If you also need to recertify your BLS certification, select the “BLS-ACLS Renew” link. Click the link and you will be taken to your registration page. If you would like to add the ACLS manual to your registration, it can be done here. Complete the registration form and submit your order. Your confirmation and receipt will be emailed to you immediately. The email will have the pre-course preparation instructions included for your convenience. If you order the manual, you will also receive a checklist of important information to review prior to attending class. On the day of your class, please bring your pre course self-assessment, manual, and plenty of energy because we like to have FUN!



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